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"very basic but better than V8 beta! :("

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Basically - Crap!

No video / webcam or audio support... very very basic...

however, I tried the beta V8 and that was no better!

The video support is claimed as being the new feature (finally...!) doesn't actually work! I got audio to work when trying to use my webcam which is a start, but that's all, but the sacrifice is that any slightly custom emoticons don't work, you'll just get a small square where it would normally be... still no winks, no file sharing and personal photo's will not be displayed... all for what? video that doesn't work but instead the audio does.

I'm going back to V7 until they get it right.

  • basic text chat only
  • no video
  • no audio
  • no winks
  • not able to save any settings like personal photo's or status remarks...
  • no nothin (but basic text messaging)

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11 May 2010

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